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Welcome to The Hope-Brained Resource

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Greetings from this place and space of hope, healing and human flourishing, The Hope-Brained Resource. HBR serves as home to all things hope-brained, namely The Hope-Brained Way: Reinterpreting Brokenness Through Reparative Restory via Trauma-Informed Spiritual Formation and all that derives from this biblical foundation for hope, theological and theoretical framework for emotional healing, and practical rhythms to facilitate human flourishing.

As we continue to develop The Hope-Brained Resource, here's a quick overview of the opportunities ahead for hope-brained restory, ministry leadership formation, and mental health advocacy:

  • The Hope-Brained Way Workshop provides a place and space to encourage, equip and empower ministry leaders through the work of "trauma-informed spiritual formation" via a two-day, six-session workshop, delivered in person or via Zoom.

  • The Hope-Brained Way REstory Course translates hope-brained restory research into an actionable pathway based on effective processes (soul care), principles (12-step recovery) and practices (Rule of Life spiritual rhythms) for the benefit of the church and specifically for the efficacy of our ministry leaders.

  • The "Next Steps Fund," resourcing additional opportunities for professional counseling, spiritual direction, and other follow up services for ministry leaders upon completion of The Hope-Brained Way REstory Course.

  • Additional workshops and speaking engagements on the topics of "Hope-Brained Restory," "Single Hope," "Transgenerational Hope" and mental health advocacy in and through the Church.

  • COMING SOON: Regular posts on The Hope-Brained Way process, principles and practices and "The Hope-Brained Trust" resource reviews.

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