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The Hope-Brained Way RESTORY COURSE
In-Person 4-Day Intensives and
8-Week Online Course Options

The Hope-Brained Way REstory Course translates hope-brained research into an actionable pathway based on a process (exilic-return-to-exodus as soul care), principles (12-step recovery discipleship) and practices (Rule of Life spiritual rhythms) for the benefit of the Church and specifically for the efficacy of our ministry leaders (clergy and lay leaders). HBW offers the REstory Course in two formats: a five-day/four-night week or weekend intensive (in-person only*) OR eight weekly sessions (in person or Zoom; individual or group).


In the group format, the REstory Course guides REgroups, composed of clergy and lay ministry leaders, through eight sessions, accompanied by "hopework" before, during and after the workshop.


* Four-Day, Three-Night Workshop: Hosted at your local retreat center/lodge. (If "tents" provided the Israelites—as well as Jesus and His disciples—the right environment to "exodus," then I think this kind of space proves significant for us as well ... with possibly a little more "glamp.")

Forest Path
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